Registration and Calendar

C.O.P.S Driving Academy currently offers classes from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every other Saturday. For the current schedule, check out our Calendar. If you'd like more information about classes, please contact us at 803.419.8956 or

Registering for driver education classes is easy. Just download our Registration Form and return it to us at the address provided on the form. We'll contact you to confirm your registration.

Make sure your teen has the knowledge and skills to enjoy a safe and exciting driving experience right from the start. Start them off with professional instruction from C.O.P.S!

Enhanced Curriculum

At C.O.P.S Driving Academy, our curriculum includes all the basics of regular driving instruction, plus training ordinary courses don't offer. Your teen will receive all the required classroom and behind-the-wheel education provided in other driving classes. In addition, C.O.P.S instructors give students lessons about how to safely handle real-world problems and situations they will encounter while driving.

Our educators take driving education to a higher level by offering on/off road recovery training. Drivers often over-compensate when they suddenly realize that the vehicle's wheels are off the hard surface of the road. The natural reaction is often the worst one, leading to an out-of-control vehicle and even a dangerous collision.

At C.O.P.S, we help new drivers become mentally prepared for all kinds of situations, so they can respond calmly and safely. Preparation and knowledge are the keys to making driving an exciting experience instead of a dangerous one for young drivers.

After program completion, C.O.P.S continues to care about the safety of our drivers. We offer counseling and controlled monitoring of your teen's driving methods. Please ask instructors for more information on this service.

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